Bio Sculpture Gel

Abigail Hall
25 April 2019
5 min read
Bio Sculpture Gel

Have you ever tried a Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure? What are the benefits of this long-lasting and cruelty-free nail treatment?

Our Social Media Manager, Abi Hall of Very Social Media (a self-confessed gel nail junkie?) came and tried it at our salon and this is what she said.

Since my children were born, I have been a fan of gel nails. My thoughts were that even if I didn’t have time to do my makeup/blow dry my hair/wear clothes that were clean of baby goo, then if I could look at my hands, and they were in good condition then things were alright with the world.

So that was it – I was hooked and I duly visited the Nail Bar every 3 weeks or so to have my gel infills. Occasionally I would have to take a baby, and boy did my son scream at the top of his little lungs on more than one occasion and there is a good reason for that! Those chemicals smell bad, and then you start to think “What is this doing to my nails?” And then they buff, with filing tools of all description and eventually you worry about what state your nails may be in under the layer of ever-present gel?

So when I heard about Bio Sculpture Gel I was excited, because it doesn’t damage your nails and lasts for up to 3 weeks. So off I went to try it at Me Me Me in Hampton Hill.

A little background about Bio Sculpture Gel:

Elmien Scholtz, CEO of Bio Sculpture Gel, could not find any premium quality nail care products that didn’t damage the nail.  So she figured she would invent a product herself. In 1988 Bio Sculpture Gel was born! That year, Elmien introduced the first ever UV curing, soakable nail gel to the world. Environmentally friendly and cruelty-free, it is used by the best salons across the globe.



Applied with a professional Bio Sculpture Gel brush and using colour from a little pot (not your typical nail polish yet again) this is a truly innovative product and it really does last. I am living proof! Each layer was cured by the UV lamp, and my thumbs cured separately to ensure they would last well – nice touch.

This was a refreshingly different approach to a Gel Manicure, and I won’t be turning back… There was no damaging filing to the nail with electrical gadgets or excessive buffing to my nails, and I left the salon feeling excited by this nails revelation I had experienced.

Thank you Me Me Me! I am definitely recommending this to all of my friends and can’t wait for my next treatment.

hands image

My nails after one week of wear in “Hot Chocolate.”

Still looking amazing after all of my motherly and work duties, cooking/washing/cleaning/typing/iPad & phone tapping/et al – thank you!

To book an appointment for Bio Sculpture Gel at Me Me Me call 020 8977 5432 or click BOOK on the website now.

If you’d like to see a little more of the application of Bio Sculpture Gel then have a look at this video…. Ok, so it is showing a leopard print manicure, which I think is really fun but it shows the process.

Abigail Hall
25 April 2019
5 min read
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